Tempered Glass

Float glass is received when first heated to 650-700oC and then quickly cooled by blowing cold air onto either sides of glass. This glass is 4-5 times stronger than the ordinary one.
While the tensile strength of ordinary glass is 40 MPa (N/mm2), the thermally tempered glass may feature up to 120-200 MPa (N/mm2). The safety of thermally tempered glass depends on the glass thickness, edge work and on the fact if glass has holes on not.

Thermal tempering of glass also changes the glass break structure – when broken, such glass crumbles into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards.

Allowable temperature gradient can reach 150-2000C.

Thermally tempered glass conforms to the requirements of the standard EVS-EN 12150.

Areas of use: windows, doors, partition walls, facades, sauna doors, furniture, etc

Workability measurements

  • Tempered glass thickness (t) in a range of: 3,8 – 19,0 mm
  • Min. sizes of tempered glass: 120 x   250 mm
  • Max. sizes: t > 4,7 mm – 2440 x 4200 mm                                                                        
  • Max. sizes: t < 4,7 mm – 1700 x 2500 mm

CNC Processing

Pildid / cnc glass workallows to process 3-19 mm thick glass or mirror (the biggest thickness of the glass that can be processed with such equipment is 30 mm) 

  • min. sizes 300*150 mm                                                      
  • max. sizes 2800*1800 mm

The equipment provides various up-to-date opportunities of processing:

  • profile-grinding
  • facet grinding
  • drilling holes inside glass, incl. cone holes
  • milling
  • engraving
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