What Glass is Used by Glasstech?

Extra radiant glass “Optiwhite”

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Extra radiant Optiwhite glass is specially developed quality glass with minimum iron content in comparison with ordinary float glass with higher content of ferrous oxides, which highlights greenish tone. Optiwhite glass lets more light and sunshine through, features high colour rendering index, providing better colour purity and light permeability. Due to these properties we may guarantee to our client the background colour purity of his selection without distortions as well as the maximal light permeability.

This glass is workable as ordinary float glass, i.e. can be cut, grinded, tempered, laminated, silk-printed, tinted and used in glass panes.

Background glasses and work surface glasses

Normally we use for background 6mm wide glass and for work surface – 12 mm thick glass. Both sizes require tempering (for the reasons of safety and durability). Tempered work surface needs no base construction as this glass will be strong enough.

NB! Why namely Optiwhite (extra radiant) and not ordinary Clear Float glass? Clear Float glass is slightly greenish and will distort background colour.

Sort of glass:

  • 6 mm Optiwhite (Background glass)
  • 12 mm Optiwhite või Clear Float (Work surface)
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