Laminated Glass

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Laminated glass properties conform to the standard EVS-EN ISO 12543, chapters 1-6.
According to the standard EVS-EN ISO 12543-1, the laminated glass is a combination where two or more glass sheets are joined together into one integral whole using polymeric films.

The standard EVS-EN ISO 12543-2 defines the requirements to the safe laminated glass. According to this standard laminated glass is classified as safety glass, if in compliance with the standard prEN 12600 any glass tests (e.g. pendulum test) give results which correspond at least to the requirements of class 3B.

Security categories of glasses (incl. laminated glasses) are defined by the standard EVS-EN 356. According to the above-mentioned standard, glass is tested by dropping onto either a cobblestone, 100 mm in diameter, weighting 4.11 kg, or trying to cut a hole of a target size inside glass with a mechanical axe.

Laminated glass is classified as follows:

Laminated glass PVB 

Laminated glass PVB is produced by joining two or more glass sheets together with one or several hard polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films. The process is carried out under high temperature and high pressure. Thus floatglass features transparency/translucency identical to the penetrating qualities of the light.

When broken, PVB laminated glass leaves no dangerous shards and generally retains its shape and sizes (remains inside a frame). Laminating results in obtaining secure safety glass where security category depends on the glass thickness, the number of laminated layers and the thickness of the plastic film.

We offer PVB laminated glasses of different composition, from the product series STRATOBEL and STRATOPHONE. Laminated PVB glasses STRATOBEL come in two options – radiant or opalescent (milking) glasses.

Amber laminated glass

In case of amber laminating glass sheets are joined using solid film in between. The film is obtained in the chemical process of solidification or ultra-violet ray treatment of liquefied amber. This method allows producers to treat both ordinary float glass and thermally tempered or decorative glass.

Depending on a purpose of application, laminated glass is fabricated using amber of different properties. Thus, glass of extremely good security category can be received or, e.g., glass with superb noise-absorbing properties.

If necessary, amber may be also tinted and film made either transparent or lightproof. However, possibilities of amber tinting are limited, so at the moment the following tones are on offer:

  • Golden Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Burnt Orange
  • Leaf Green
  • Racing Green
  • Scarlet Red
  • Aqua Blue
  • Royal Blue

NB! Tinted amber laminated glass edges feature 6 mm wide colourless strip.

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